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An inspiring book 

in discouraging times.



I've been a writer my whole life, but Covid-19 made me an author before I was ready.



It's been impossible to sit silent knowing I had a life changing message to share, so this book practically poured from me to its pages in less than a week and during that time I've learned a few things.

I’m an expert in positivity and have overcome some hurdles in my life that have prepared me for this pandemic;


• My teenage years saw me sit with suicidal thoughts which means depression and I are longstanding lovers so I know just how to handle that break up if you're feeling down.

• On a study-aboard in Bangkok, at 21 years old I was diagnosed with was a rare and aggressive tumour that less than 1% of the population has ever had so I know how to find comfort when facing an uncertain future.

• A casual dose of dengue fever while in Barbados made me surrender to the body’s weakness and need for rest, teaching me about the winners mindset that’s required when you're physically compromised

• An abusive marriage educated me on the complexities of relationships, communication and hindsight's 20-20 vision. 

• Fast forward a little to when I was hospitalised in Bali for tonsilitis, pneumonia and a tuberculosis scare all at the same and that’s when I was granted the gift of perspective.


• Skip one step forward and I was being picked up by the London paramedics at Gatwick airport with septic blood poisoning and 86% oxygen levels, but that rendered me resilient once I could finally regain a normal level of consciousness.


• The terror of my dads kidney failure flipped me upside down with the fear of losing a loved one and I became loyal to cliches like 'you only live once', I am now unfailingly able to cherish the time we have in the face of looming death.

• Most recently, the bankruptcy of the Australian production company I held a majority shareholding in taught me the courage to rebuild, even if it’s outside of your comfort zone.



Today as I write this, I have never been happier even with the collapse of the world as we knew it.

I’ve taken 15 years to learn

what you will inevitably experience

as a crash course in the coming

weeks and likely months during




The truth is, a majority of us were already diseased (at dis-ease) long before coronavirus tipped the world off its axis. We have been here, we have overcome this before in micro moments of strength over a lifetime of evolving. Bouncing back, rising in times of recession and getting punched in the guts only to discover your greatest capacity for glory.

Sometimes, that's just what life is about.  


How can you know your ability if you have never truly been put to the test? Well, consider this coronavirus the 20th century pop-quiz you didn’t see coming.  It is in the face of adversity that we can stand in our truth with the clearest mind, with the power to chose our perception when the control is out of our hands, and in doing so we can liberate ourselves. 


I am rich in traumatic experience, a master on reassembling life and impressively accurate at knowing just how much fear the body can withstand before it turns to laughing fits, but by the end of this book you will be so much more than that. 


The Quarantine Handbook is thee go-to-guide you have been waiting for to reframe your views on self-isolation, where Corona is transformed into;









The one common consensus is that life is never going to be the same again, but it was never going to be the same anyways. My fear of stagnation far exceeds my fear of change. We can lose our jobs, money and our security, but let us not lose ourselves.


May we turn to courage instead of comfort zones and the utility of talent in the place of escapism. If you want to design your day-to-day life techniques with humour and exhilarating hope, constructed on the pillars of compassion, purpose and transformation, then you are in the right place.


Join me in an uncontaminated and much needed breath of fresh air.

With love, 

Gi Gi 

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